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Resh Susan|The Book Satchel

Hi! Welcome to The Book Satchel. My name is Resh Susan and I ardently adore books.

I have been a book lover since the time I was a kid. Back then I mostly read classics like Dickens, Austen and Bronte sisters. Now I read across various genres (except horror and chick-lits) and yet feel miserable knowing that there  are so many good books out there that I haven’t yet read. My favourite genres are literary fiction, historical fiction, magical realism and fantasy. And of course, I plan to re-read all the classics too over the course of time.

I love talking. I love writing. And I love reading. I am someone who enjoys long conversations about bookish things over tea/coffee. But when many of my close ‘book-pals’ moved out of the city, I found myself hoping there was a way I could talk more about books. That is how The Book Satchel shaped up, as a place where I can talk with books, write about them and help you discover some new ones that may interest you.

I’d love to chat with you about books. Feel free to recommend good books to me or simply say hi.

You can find me on TwitterInstagramFacebook or contact me at

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